AnyLogic User Experience Online Session

Join us to learn the simulation modeling with AnyLogic case studies from the world's industry leaders, Tata Steel Ltd., and find out about new AnyLogic 8.7 and Material Handling Library features from Anastasiia Zhiliaeva, the Senior Simulation Engineer of The AnyLogic Company


Date and time: December 8, 1:30 – 3:00 pm UTC (convert to your local time)

Format: online

Attendance: free

Language: English

Organizer: The AnyLogic Company, MAXrad Software

AnyLogic User Experience Online Sessions, hosted by our partners and simulation experts at MAXrad Software, will introduce you to industry specialists in simulation and showcase their experiences in applying AnyLogic across multiple industries.

This session will be opened by experts from Tata Steel Ltd., who will demonstrate two cases of applying AnyLogic for Ladle and Crane Simulation, and Simulation of Movement of Vehicles.

The session will continue with The AnyLogic Company Senior Simulation Engineer & Material Handling Library Developer, Anastasiia Zhiliaeva, who will present new features of AnyLogic 8.7 and updated Material Handling Library.

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  • Introduction
  • Ladle and Crane simulation — Dr. Rwitam Jana and Mr. Shikhar Mishra, Analytics & Insight Centre, Tata Steel Ltd.
  • Simulation of movement of Vehicles (Trailers) inside Tata Steel Works — Mr. Hemant Kumar Bansal and Mr. Anand Kumar Singh, Productivity Services Department, Tata Steel Ltd.
  • Bonus presentation: New AnyLogic 8.7 & updated Material Handling Library features Overview — Anastasiia Zhiliaeva, Senior Simulation Engineer & Material Handling Library Developer, The AnyLogic Company
  • Q&A


Anastasiia Zhiliaeva is the Senior Simulation Engineer & Material Handling Library Developer in The AnyLogic Company, a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies, and consulting services for business applications. Anastasiia Zhiliaeva
Tata Steel Ltd. is a global leader in the steel industry, operating in over 100 countries across 5 continents. Tata Steel Ltd. uses AnyLogic software for various applications around the world, including in India. Tata Steel Ltd.