The AnyLogic Conference 2024

September 5

AnyLogic’s annual Conference will continue to prove the power of collaboration, with both the AnyLogic team and other experienced model developers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see how AnyLogic is applied across multiple industries, network with leading simulation experts, and share ground-breaking ideas that will expand your vision of AnyLogic software. We will bring you new content from our practitioners, partners, and developers.

The program is built with the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. Read on, find out more, and stay tuned for more speakers and announcements to come!



Call for Conference Presenters

The AnyLogic Company wants to hear from you! We are now accepting abstract submissions for The AnyLogic Conference 2024.

How to submit your Abstract:


July 19, 2024: Call for Presentation Abstracts Deadline

July 29–31, 2024: Notification of Approval

September 5, 2024: The AnyLogic Conference 2024

Conference Agenda - continuously updated

Presentation Industry Organization
AnyLogic 9 Workshop — Consumer Product Supply Chain and Market Model Workshop The AnyLogic Company
Advancements in AnyLogic Cloud — Completed Runs View and Single Sign-On Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
One Skill to Rule Them All - Problem-Solving for AnyLogic Workshop Benjamin Schumann Consulting
Use of Simulation to Improve Production Efficiency F&B Industry, Digital Twin Gousto


One Skill to Rule Them All - Problem-Solving for AnyLogic

Dr. Benjamin Schumann, Simulation Consultant

Dr. Benjamin Schumann

You may be an AnyLogic hobbit, elf, dwarf, or wizard, but do you have it? Do you have the:

One skill to rule them all, One skill to solve them, One skill to learn them all, and in solutions bind them, In the realm of AnyLogic, where simulations thrive.

In this workshop, expert AnyLogic modeler Benjamin Schumann will teach you the most important skill when learning or perfecting AnyLogic: how to solve problems. Small, large, easy, hard.

But it's not all talk; Ben will actually solve your problems. While solving them, he will share his insights into how to tackle and solve problems every time. Over the past 15 years, he has solved quite a few…

  • Hobbits (beginners) will see how existing example models and asking good questions basically do the work for you.
  • Elves and dwarves (advanced) will dive into code-complete, JavaDoc, and exploit the help to the last drop.
  • Wizards are taken to solve problems no one has solved before. Ben will share how he went about this several times (building RL models from scratch, importing Google Maps photogrammetry, etc.).

But we also need a dramatic finale: Ben will solve a problem unknown to him live, sharing how he’d go about it. Find out if he can cast the problem into Mount Doom.

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