Jobsite Logistic Simulation in Mechanized Tunneling


Projects in mechanized tunneling frequently do not reach their targeted production performance. Reasons are often related to an undersized or disturbed supply-chain management of the surface jobsite. Due to the sensitive interaction of production and logistic processes, planning and analyzing the supply-chain is a challenging task. Transparent evaluation of chosen logistic strategies or project setups can be achieved by application of process simulation. This paper presents the continued work of a simulation approach to analyze the complex system of mechanized tunneling. Special focus of this publication lies on the internal logistic as a part of the jobsite supply-chain. The generic implementation allows a flexible configuration of jobsite elements to compare possible setups. A case study demonstrates the approach and highlights the sensitive interaction of production and logistic processes under the influence of disturbances. Additionally, improvements to the original setup of the case study’s construction equipment can be derived.

A sample of the implemented ActiveObjects
Figure 1: Screenshot of the logistic model part of the simulation model implemented in AnyLogic.