One of the reasons we like to work at AnyLogic: the adventures

At our company there is a tradition: around the middle of the year, our international offices unite on a corporate trip. It’s a great way for us to catch up with our colleagues, be inspired, and also relax a little too.

We choose where to go towards the end of the year. Everyone is given the chance to present their ideas, ask questions, and discuss before we hold a vote. Past years have seen us travel to Argentina, Bali, Botswana, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kamchatka, Vanuatu, and Zambia. We do not suffer wanderlust lightly.

What do we do while away? All manner of things! For example, the team went in search of bears by helicopter, deep into the wilderness of Kamchatka. While in South Africa, we set sail on the high seas to go whale watching. In Costa Rica, we stumbled across a hippie festival. Yet in Botswana we found ourselves among the hippos, crocs, and elephants of the Chobe National Park. The trips are certainly full of interest and challenge but there is spare time. Among the team, there are many with a love of sport, and you will find people playing volleyball, going surfing, and trying whatever is on offer.

Should the country we are visiting possess a mountain peak or volcano, we are drawn to it. Whenever the opportunity arrives, the team assembles for a photo, it has become something of a tradition. We have already conquered the Yasur volcano in Vanuatu, the Avachinsky volcano in Kamchatka, and both Table Mountain and Lions-Head in South Africa.

Africa was our most recent adventure, here is a short video:

And here, a bit longer, a video montage from Kamchatka:

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