White paper: How to create a digital twin

Developing a digital twin – an introduction.

Digital twin technology is developing rapidly, and over the next five years it will have a significant impact on industry, especially helping drive cost savings. Reflecting this, Gartner has placed Digital Twins on its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019.

Certainly, digital twin technology has changed, and they are now far more accessible, but the task of realizing their benefits still requires care. To help understand the benefits of digital twins and how to develop them successfully, we have published a white paper.

Digital twins are built on simulation modeling – combining a simulation model with data from its real-world counterpart. As such, simulation modeling skills can be applied to the creation of a digital twin and if you have simulation modeling experience, you will find links to familiar modeling contexts in the white paper.

The case studies in the paper, from Alstom, Siemens, and CNHi, contain real-world examples of digital twin development. These examples highlight the benefits of a digital twin and show what to look for when considering their introduction.

Digital Twin White Paper

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