What’s on at the AnyLogic Conference?

AnyLogic Conference

Tickets for the AnyLogic Conference, this April 17-18, will go up in price on April 5th, so get them now for the best deal and join us in Austin, Texas! Here’s why you should!

The format of the conference is slightly different for 2019 and includes a panel discussion in addition to the more familiar presentations and workshops.

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The panel discussion is in recognition of the growing connections between simulation and artificial intelligence. Deep learning is especially linked to simulation as we have covered in our blog but how will the field develop? The panel discussion will draw on the experience of leading AI and simulation practitioners, including from Microsoft and Skymind, to explore how simulation is being used with reinforcement learning to go beyond deep learning.

Dr. Anand Rao

Dr. Anand Rao, Partner and Global Artificial Intelligence Lead – PwC, will lead the panel for Next generation artificial intelligence: Agent-based simulation + reinforcement learning. We are promised a few surprises — stay up to date with the latest details on the conference page.

The workshops are always popular, and this year features the latest developments in AnyLogic, AnyLogic Cloud, and anyLogistix, including the new AnyLogic 8.4 release and AnyLogic Private Cloud. Furthermore, Benjamin Schumann PhD, AnyLogic simulation expert, will also be leading Don't Forget Your User: Creating Amazing User Interface Design with Little Effort in AnyLogic. A valuable workshop on giving your simulations the wow factor to engage users and communicate insights clearly and effectively, with ease.

Of course, we have a full program of presentations, with experts from across industry, demonstrating innovative AnyLogic implementations that promise to inspire and expand your knowledge of simulation modeling. Find out more and register today!

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