Video presentations: Developments in simulation from the AnyLogic Conference ‘18

Videos from the AnyLogic Confrence 2018

Many interesting talks were given at the AnyLogic Conference, here they are, captured on video. Topics include: Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, to name just a few. There is also a detailed introduction to the new Material Handling Library and best practices for Beginner, Advanced, and ‘Crack’ AnyLogic users.

The AnyLogic Conference is built around the most innovative AnyLogic users from industry-leading organizations. These videos illustrate how AnyLogic simulation software is being applied across multiple industries to solve real-world problems and deliver the latest advances most effectively.

Lyle Wallis made a strong case for artificial intelligence (AI) to be the hot topic. Clearly demonstrating how simulation is tightly coupled to other AI technologies and key to its success. In particular, he describes how all the action is currently in deep reinforcement learning and that simulation is important for training: “If the reality doesn’t exist, you have to simulate it.”

Taking hot topics further: A pair of presentations on digital twins illustrated the value of the concept.

Luigi Manca, Fair Dynamics, shows how CNHi, a global capital goods company, evaluates the return on investment of industry 4.0 technologies and how to manage the transition to smart factories with a digital copy of the manufacturing process.

Dr. Amrith Surendra and Vitor Lemos, decisionLab Ltd., present the Agent-based Turbine Operations & Maintenance (ATOM) system — a digital twin which emulates the global maintenance repair and overhaul operations of Siemens’ aero-derivative gas turbine division.

Other presentations focused on supply chain design and optimization with anyLogistix. Dr. Robert de Souza, Executive Director of The Logistics Institute — Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore, demonstrated the use of network optimization and dynamic simulation in both commercial and humanitarian projects.

Conference Overview

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