"System dynamics and Dynamic systems" is the just published chapter in a forthcoming "The Big Book of AnyLogic"

In addition to the traditional System dynamics toolset, AnyLogic offers several important extensions. The first part of the new chapter, which is already availableon the website, explains the techniques and specialties of building system dynamic models in AnyLogic environment.
For example, you can you can build modular, hierarchical, and object-oriented system dynamics models. System dynamics components can be packaged into AnyLogic active objects, parameterized, organized in various structures, and reused;
System dynamics can be combined with discrete event and agent based modeling. AnyLogic naturally supports the interaction of stock and flow structures with events, statecharts, process flowcharts, and agent populations.
The efficient and accurate simulation of continuous dynamics can be interrupted by a large number of discrete events...
Start reading now! We believe this chapter will be not only a useful handbook, but a guide into a hybrid modeling environment.

System dynamics and Dynamic systems is the just published chapter in a forthcoming The Big Book of AnyLogic