Happy New Year! Summon blizzard!

Happy new year from AnyLogic!

The end of the year is a natural moment to look both back and forward. Here we have some highlights from an eventful and successful 2018, along with a few key points to look out for in 2019. Finally, before the holidays get well and truly underway, there is also an interactive seasonal simulation…

This year saw the release of AnyLogic 8.3, and with it the Material Handling Library and HTML-based animation. The new library, with its transporters and conveyors, proved a popular addition that, going into 2019, promises further strong enhancements, in line with the latest industry developments. The 100% HTML 5 model runtime frontend enables all kinds of remote model execution, no matter where the model is running – at a colleague's machine, at a corporate server, or in the Cloud.

The AnyLogic Cloud introduced a Private option for those looking to host on their own hardware, while the Cloud API and an embed feature both developed simulation interactivity and presentation possibilities – as you will see.

Staying with the online theme for a moment, we also launched our company website this year – the.anylogic.company – have a look and find out more about the AnyLogic team, our culture and job opportunities.

Presentations at the AnyLogic Conference 2018.

Offline, 2018 provided AnyLogic with numerous events to engage with the simulation modeling community. In April, we held the AnyLogic Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Over two days, presentations showed the wide application of AnyLogic across disciplines and the innovative solutions of industry leaders. Of course, we are already looking forward to April in Texas for the AnyLogic Conference 2019.

Toward the end of the year we were treated to the excellent Winter Simulation Conference. This year marked 18 years since AnyLogic was introduced at the conference. At the conference, 38% of case studies presented (excl. vendors) featured models built in AnyLogic. An increase in majority share of 10% over the last two years.

It was a good year for simulation modeling, and we look forward to delivering more in 2019. May it be fulfilling and successful!

Now, with the help of the Material Handling Library, will you help Santa deliver his presents? …or will you summon a blizzard?

Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2019!