Speaker Announcement for our April Conference

AnyLogic conference speakers

Super speakers will be at the AnyLogic Conference this April 18–19. The presenters list continues to grow, bringing attendees, in addition to the workshops and events, insight from some of the leading minds in simulation modeling. Detailing developments and successes from across industries, the schedule of presenters is sure to inform and inspire. Take a quick look below, or dive into the details on our conference page.

Well Construction Process Modeling and Simulation

Jason Baker, Sr. Systems Engineer, Transocean

Connecting real-time data to simulation showed 20% savings could be made in oil and gas well drilling. This presentation explores the challenge of modeling the systems, real-time data integration, operational usage, and future applications. More details >>

Identifying the Impact Ridesharing and Autonomous Vehicles will have on Mobility in a City

Oliver Bandte, PhD, Principal Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group

Using AnyLogic to model traffic in Boston enabled BCG to analyze the impact of autonomous vehicles and ride sharing. Oliver Bandte dives into the results that received great attention and acclaim at the recent WEF in Davos. More details >>

Steel Plant Constraint Analysis

Dr. Alan Barnard, CEO, Goldratt Research Labs

Leading Theory of Constraints expert, Dr. Alan Barnard, details a method for analyzing the current and future constraints within a steel plant. Providing opportunities for improvement and solutions that free up capacity. Including model demo. More details >>

Promoting Collaborative Innovation Networks

Nabil Raad, Director of Enterprise Risk, Ford Motor Company

Resolving the collaboration problem to promote business innovation and resilience. Simulating social networks and using virtual mirrors of collaborative behavior with the agent-based and system dynamics modeling capabilities of AnyLogic. More details >>

Guiding Capacity Expansion Strategies with Intermodal Facility Simulation

Mike Prince, Operations Research Manager, BNSF

Innovative technologies and operational practices can increase capacity without spending capital dollars. The Operations Research & Advanced Analytics group uses simulation modeling to test and evaluate options for expanding capacity. More details >>

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Simulation Modeling

Lyle Wallis, Advisory Analytics Director, PwC

Demonstrating an agent-based fleet coordination model with reinforcement learning; detailing deep learning and adaptive dynamics with the AnyLogic Candy Game; and describing approaches to integrating machine learning in the creation of simulations. More details >>>

There’s more news to come, including speakers from Intel, Monsanto, and Deloitte! Check our conference page for updates, as well as workshop news (spaces fill up fast), and reserve your place today!