Simulation Software Tool Comparison

Update: Following the 2018 ORMS Simulation Software Survey, we have a new Simulation Software Comparison paper.

Simulation Software Tool Comparison

Biannually, ORMS Today completes, and distributes results of a simulation software survey. ORMS Today is a journal publication in conjunction with INFORMS, which offers resources to individuals in the operations research and management science industry. Resources include ORMS Today magazine, Conferences such as INFORMS Analytics and WinterSim, plus certifications, career advice, and networking.

In the 3rd quarter of 2015, the original Simulation Software Survey was completed by the software vendors, and results were published by ORMS Today in the October 2015 issue. The issue includes side-by-side comparisons of 55 software packages, we selected the most popular tools and most relevant parameters, then compiled the information in the white papers section of

You'll find this guide to be appropriate for beginners evaluating simulation modeling software for the first time, through advanced users who are looking to switch or learn about new trends in the industry.