Sim Talk podcast with The AnyLogic Company CEO

Andrei Borshchev appeared on the Sim Talk podcast.

Andrei Borshchev recently sat down with Sim Talk podcast host, Jacob Ingalls, for a wide-ranging discussion about AnyLogic and simulation modeling. Here is an overview and link to the podcast.

Andrei Borshchev

The podcast begins by providing insight into the state of dynamic simulation in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, giving detail to how AnyLogic began and how it changed the scene with agent based modeling. By mapping real world objects into the virtual space, AnyLogic radically expanded the range of problems and industries in which simulation modeling could be applied. Innovation is something AnyLogic stands for, as the discussion goes on to reveal.

Andrei describes how modern computing developments are enabling AnyLogic to deliver new possibilities for simulation modeling. A key development being the shift of the AnyLogic rendering engine to HTML5. This move facilitated developments in high-performance cloud computing (AnyLogic Cloud), sharing and collaboration, and custom UIs. Looking to the future, there is mention of the increasing volume and complexity of data simulation models can work with, and how this trend feeds into the spread of digital twins.

Towards the end of the podcast, Jacob elicits study and career pointers for those interested or involved in the simulation modeling world. While both John D. Sterman’s Business Dynamics, and Andrei’s own Big Book of Simulation Modeling are cited, the dynamic LinkedIn group that has grown up around simulation modeling with AnyLogic is also highlighted. Of course, there are many more details to be had from listening in full — it is an insightful podcast that covers simulation modeling and AnyLogic in general and in particular.

The Sim Talk podcast series is part of Broken Jars Broadcasting and features a wide range of simulation modeling practitioners from many different backgrounds. If you are not already a listener, check it out, you may even want to take part yourself!

Listen now, Episode 9:

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