Seoul Seminar Summary: Expert Examples

The seminars and training continued in September, with Seoul seeing stories of simulation modeling success across industry and education. Read on for a summary of the sessions and examples. Many thanks to Atworth, our partner in South Korea, for facilitating the events.

seoul seminar and training

In attendance were a variety of AnyLogic users, from companies, resolving commercial problems, to educational institutions, teaching and developing simulation modeling. In this forum, AnyLogic experts, Sergey Suslov and Pavel Lebedev, presented several examples of AnyLogic in use, including modeling transport, production and logistics, and pedestrian flow. These examples, and others, can be found in our case studies.

Example case studies:

At the seminar, we also demonstrated anyLogistix – advanced software for modeling and analyzing logistics networks. A Deloitte project highlighted the effectiveness of the software for logistics optimization. Integral logistics costs were reduced 9% and inventory turnover increased 26%. More details can be found in the presentation.

A newly released anyLogistix guide book is available for free download. It offers clear instruction on modeling, analyzing, and optimizing logistics networks, with a focus on management decision making. Combined with the free anyLogistix - Personal Learning Edition, you can develop your skills in logistic network modeling and analysis, and see how it can deliver for your logistics projects.

Following Singapore and Seoul we would like to extend a great many thanks to all who took part and helped make the events both productive and successful.

Onwards into October, and we look forward to more events and meetings. Check the schedule and don’t miss an event near you. At our training you can get professional assistance with your AnyLogic projects.