Seminar in Singapore: Super Simulations

September saw our first seminar in Singapore and we were delighted to welcome representatives of PwC, Dell, Bank Indonesia, Proctor & Gamble, and John Deere, amongst a great variety of organizations.

In addition, sessions were also held for attendees to learn modeling in AnyLogic and anyLogistix.

Singapore seminar

We were honored to work with The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific, one of the leading research institutions in the region, to organize the events at the National University of Singapore. The institute, together with commercial companies, gave talks on how they have used AnyLogic and anyLogistix to resolve business problems.

In the first project, developers used AnyLogic to optimize a logistics network. Their customer wanted to determine the optimal service level with respect to cost. The developers began by developing a supply chain model where trucks delivered goods from distribution centers to retail customers. In the model, engineers changed stock levels, the number of trucks in the network, and the distribution center operation times. As a result, the developers determined the optimal level of service, fleet utilization, and stock levels.

Singapore demo 1

In another project, developers used AnyLogic to assess the risks in a supply chain. The topology of the logistics network was modeled and an intuitive interface provided, the network components could then easily be configured and changed. The model helped to assess the behavior of the network when faced with the varied and changing conditions of the external environment.

Sinagapore model 3

We would like to extend a great many thanks to our partners - Scott Albin from the PwC Singapore office and Peter Bodon, the head of Simulation Analytics, for their presentations at the seminar. They described how their companies use AnyLogic, and how simulation differs from predictive analytics. Scott Albin also demonstrated the work of the Sydney transport network model, more information on which can be found in our case study.

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Following Singapore, our colleagues also conducted a seminar and training in South Korea.