Rail Library Webinar Video & Materials

Here is the video of our Rail Library webinar, a step-by-step guide to rail network modeling, highlighting features useful for your next rail modeling projects.

In the webinar video:

  • Building a railway network by automatically converting GIS shapefile to AnyLogic rail markup.
  • Implementing the safe movement of trains and preventing train collision.
  • Placing trains and rail yards on GIS mapping.
  • Implementing train movement between rail yards on a GIS map.
  • Building a simple classification yard.
  • Q&A
Using AnyLogic 8, two rail yards were built. First a maintenance yard in Minneapolis, and then a classification yard in Chicago. The process involved converting shape files to create the yard layout, building the logic of the system, and placing the whole system on a GIS map.

Once completed, the system processes trains in the maintenance depot before they head to the Chicago yard for classification.

Download the follow-up materials to the webinar. You will find write-ups of both the model-building and the insightful Q & A session. The model and shape files are also included, allowing you to explore the example yourself, or follow the recording in our video at your own pace.

Many thanks to all who attended this exploration of the AnyLogic Rail Library, we look forward to welcoming you again in the future. Continue to our video page. You’ll find expert led webinars, including the Road Traffic Library, and the Fluid Library, plus demos, tutorials, workshops, and more.