Presentations from the AnyLogic Conference 2018

Presentations at the AnyLogic Conference 2018.

The AnyLogic Conference 2018 showed simulation modeling and its application across industries at its best. We have gathered the presentations for you to download, and posted some photos that you?

Simulation central

Insightful and compelling, the presentations, workshops, and opportunities to network brought together experts in the simulation community for two days in Baltimore this April. Each part of the conference further demonstrated the benefits of simulation for delivering efficiency and driving development across a broad spectrum of industries. Benefits set to extend as the world meets the challenges of increasing machine intelligence and autonomy.

Developing themes

A strong theme of the conference centered around digital twins. Capturing real world supply chain and manufacturing facilities, decisionLab*, FairDynamics, and Goldratt Research Labs showed how simulation can be used at scale. The results deliver increased productivity and efficiency as well as an environment to test new digital manufacturing processes, as promoted by Industry 4.0.

Simulation was also highlighted as a key tool for implementing artificial intelligence. PwC updated attendees on the multiple ways in which simulation is applicable to the use of artificial intelligence, with both areas benefitting from each other.

You can find all the above, and much more, to download as PDFs from the conference page. Also, the presentation videos will soon be available [here they are], so you can hear direct from the authors. Sign up to the newsletter or subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know!

Attendees at the AnyLogic Conference 2018.

Thank you

It was great to bring together the simulation community in Baltimore and we would like to thank our sponsors Mosimtec and Sterling Simulation, as well as all who attended, for helping deliver another memorable AnyLogic Conference.

Were you there? What were your highlights, let us know in the comments below!

Networking at the AnyLogic Conference 2018.

⭐ DecisionLab presented at the AnyLogic Event in London, May 25th. Digital twins featured strongly, with expert case studies from Siemens and Alstom, as well as decisionLab and HSSMI sharing their recent projects and offering "hands on" AnyLogic demonstrations. Summary and presentation downloads in the blog!