Powerful updates for AnyLogic Cloud – High speed simulation

Powerful updates for AnyLogic Cloud – High speed simulation.

Together with last week’s release of AnyLogic 8.3 and the Material Handling Library, we also updated AnyLogic Cloud — the web service for online simulation analytics. Now, professionals can access advanced computing capabilities. This new subscription-based service enables the analysis of the most demanding models and the resolution of complex business problems. Let’s take a closer look.

The professional version expands on the free service by providing, on demand, large-scale computing capacity and unlimited model run time. Furthermore, users can access third-party resources, such as databases, and also use the Cloud API. You can still explore AnyLogic Cloud with the free version, and then progress with the advanced capabilities of the professional version as the need arises.

We have also introduced AnyLogic Private Cloud for organizations needing to adhere to strict data management policies. The Private Cloud platform can be installed on a company’s infrastructure and customized in accordance with corporate security requirements. In addition, with the Private Cloud, simulation models can be closely integrated with the business processes of an organization.

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AnyLogic Cloud launched last year, and 1500 models are now hosted there, 186 are in the public domain and free to use without registration. For those with questions about the service, or coming to it for the first time, here are the answers to some of the most common queries — why use it, how it works, and how to use it.

Technologies for simulation modeling in the cloud.

What is AnyLogic Cloud?

AnyLogic Cloud is a web application that allows you to upload models and run them on any device with a web browser.

To ensure AnyLogic Cloud, and the models within it, are always available, we use Amazon Web Services. This means simulation experiments can make use of parallel processing and run faster than on a regular computer. This is the optimal solution for multi-run experiments.

The model animation is also computed in the cloud, meaning the speed and quality of the rendering is not dependent on the device being used to view the model.

Why do I need AnyLogic Cloud?

If you have a model in AnyLogic, you can upload it to the Cloud from within the AnyLogic application. After which, you can use the service to store models, conduct experiments, compare results and create custom data visualizations. The results and graphs can be downloaded as an Excel file.

The Cloud is especially useful when several people are collaborating on a model. The Cloud stores all the versions of a model and all the results from each run. This makes it possible to track changes and to compare versions of a model against each other.

Demonstrating a model to a customer is simple. Send them a link and they can run it in their browser — no need to install AnyLogic on their computer or sign up for an account. The customer can see the results of your experiments as well as configure and execute their own model runs.

How can I get started with AnyLogic Cloud?

The quick answer is to watch the video. For more detailed information, refer to the online documentation (AnyLogic Help -> AnyLogic Cloud)

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Is it safe to store models in AnyLogic Cloud?

The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and follows all relevant international and state standards for information security. The AWS platform has several layers of operational and physical security, ensuring the safety of data and the protection of the cloud from attacks. For organizations who must operate their own platforms we have created AnyLogic Private Cloud.

Who can use AnyLogic Cloud?

The basic functionality of the service is available to all users. The advanced features are available via subscription or deployed on a private cloud platform.

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