Online course for AnyLogic – agent based and discrete event modeling

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You won’t hear any apologies from the AnyLogic developers about needing to learn some code to get the most from AnyLogic simulation modeling. The fact is, a little upfront learning makes model development faster and simpler in the long run. But, if you are new to the software, how to get this training?

If you cannot attend a training session in person, it is now possible to follow structured learning online. AnyLogic software expert and freelance simulation consultant Felipe Haro has developed a course that introduces AnyLogic simulation modeling software and teaches the basics to get you started.

The course can be taken at your own pace, step by step, and provides a solid foundation in simulation modeling concepts and practice. You can learn how to:

  • create Discrete Event and Agent Based models
  • interact with data in spreadsheets and databases
  • develop 2D and 3D animated environments
  • integrate GIS into your developments

Overall, the course is very comprehensive and is organized in a way that enables you to learn what you need, as you need. There are guided examples and assignments to complete, with solutions, all helping to provide insight and develop understanding. Ultimately, with the knowledge from the course, you will be able to better direct your own developments and act from a more informed position.

The time required to complete the course, if every task and assignment is taken slowly and fulfilled to the maximum, is about 50 hours.

Felipe Haro introduces his online AnyLogic course.

At AnyLogic, we see the course as being especially useful for new users of AnyLogic and a welcome addition to the AnyLogic support materials. If you are new to AnyLogic, check out the course!

Felipe also has many other resources relating to AnyLogic, including 1-to-1 courses and fluid library instruction. For further information, you can contact Felipe through his website or find him on StackOverflow, where he is ranked a top user for AnyLogic.

⭐ AnyLogic courses take place around the world. You get professional tuition and one-to-one advice on your projects from the developers themselves (read about training at Oakbrook terrace). For upcoming training check the schedule.

⚡ The AnyLogic Conference takes place in April. You can find out about the industrial application of AnyLogic simulation modeling from leading companies and practitioners. It is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of AnyLogic, find out more.