New anyLogistix Studio Edition

anyLogistix Studio Edition

In a major new release, anyLogistix sets a new standard for supply chain software with anyLogistix Studio.

In addition to the many updates and new features, anyLogistix Studio introduces streamlined extension development. Now, with a fully integrated AnyLogic modeling environment, supply chain professionals have access to a complete, customizable, and extensible supply chain development and analysis tool.

In the new version of ALX you will find:

  1. New Extensions Mechanism: create your supply chain digital twin with the built-in AnyLogic modeling environment.
  2. Radical Performance Improvement: design supply chains and perform experiments faster.
  3. Redesigned Help: find the information you need quickly and easily.
  4. HiDPI Support: get the most from your high-resolution display.
  5. Great Updated and New Examples: see, learn, and develop.
  6. Improved UI: develop your models easier.

Take a look at the anyLogistix release blog for more details on the new additions and discover how anyLogistix Studio can capture all of your supply chain intricacies, accelerate development, and deliver powerful analytics.

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