Improve Model Testing with One Simple Function

Improve Model Testing with One Simple Function

Check out the latest blog post from my colleague and friend, Ben Schumann a senior modeler at decisionLab with a Ph.D. in Complex Systems Simulation. Moreover, as you know, Ben is a significantly experienced AnyLogic User, who works with diverse clients such as the MoD, Rolls-Royce or GSK. He handles project delivery from start to end, managing team members, and client communication.

Dr. Schumann's post asks a crucial question, "Are you testing your models?" If the answer is yes, he provides advice for better more efficient testing, and if not, let Ben share some advice on how.

Go beyond traditional testing methods (i.e. visual, "traceIn" statements, analyze output data, apply dedicated unit testing) and create a structured, repeatable approach, or dedicated function. What Ben calls "The Magic Ingredient."

Find out about "The Magic Ingredient" and other ways to create personalized unit testing through Ben Schumann's web page and the Stack Overflow forum.