How-To Videos: The Optimization Experiment and Custom Probability Distribution

We are always adding how-to videos to our YouTube channel. They help users learn about AnyLogic, build complex models, and conduct experiments. These are our most popular videos on the channel: with over 34,000 views already.

Here are our new videos:

The Optimization Experiment

Optimization allows you to find model parameter values that give the best performance for the system you are simulating. In this video, we show you how to configure and run an optimization experiment using the Oil Terminal model as an example.

Custom Probability Distributions

In simulation models, we can use probability distributions to simulate random processes like the weather or customers choosing goods in a store.

Sometimes we know the distribution we need and can select it from the list in the AnyLogic Probability Distribution Wizard. If not, we can use a custom probability distribution. By uploading a data set to AnyLogic, it will calculate and graphically show the distribution. The video shows how.

We also have videos about how to animate your model in 3D, simulate the movement of trains and upload models to AnyLogic Cloud. These videos, and more, are in the links below. If we are missing a how-to video, suggest it in the comments!

How-to videos: