How-To Videos: Pedestrians, time measurement, and agents in process flows

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Three new videos this month, with topics including: vehicle and pedestrian interactions (pedestrians should not be doomed), time measurements, and combining modeling approaches. Check them out!

Simulating a pedestrian crossing

Road traffic and pedestrians interact all the time in the real world, how can we simulate this? This video shows you how cars from the Road Traffic Library and people from the Pedestrian Library can be made to interact. You can follow the process with an example model from AnyLogic Help, Tutorials > Intersection > Phase 2.

Measuring time in a system

Getting the right data from a simulation is essential. This video uses the Job Shop example and extends it to allow further data collection. The approach can be used to measure the time agents spend in a process or on a specific operation. You will see how to add time measurements to processes and how to output the data for display and logging.

Using agents in a process flow

Combining modeling approaches is part of the magic of AnyLogic. This video shows how to combine agent-based modeling with discrete-event modeling. You will see how the behavior of an agent can be determined by both.

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How-to videos: