How-To Videos: Log files made clear and debugging tips and tricks

With these two videos of a delivery network, you will see how to make your simulation model work well. Finding problems and examining how your model works is key to developing an effective solution.

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Debugging an AnyLogic simulation model

It is really useful to check what is happening inside your simulation model as you develop it. This can be done with the help of the traceln() function.

In this video you will see how to get plain text and data fragment outputs from a model as the simulation runs. Feeding the data to both the console and a database is demonstrated.

A help file and example model for this function can be found in AnyLogic. Download it now, the Personal Learning Edition is free.

Understanding AnyLogic log files

When running a model, it is possible to collect execution logs. Examining these can provide valuable insight into the processes you have modeled.

This video explores some of the log files generated when you run a simulation as well as how to extract useful data from them. In addition, there are tips on restricting data collection to speed up model runtime.

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