How to take GIS data offline in AnyLogic

AnyLogic can use GIS mapping and routing data when offline. This allows simulation models to run standalone and to work when internet access is restricted, slow, or not possible at all. The data needed for a simulation can be downloaded and stored for AnyLogic to access offline.

Take your GIS mapping and routing data offline

This video demonstrates how to download GIS data for your simulation model, including how to avoid large file sizes – routing data can require several gigabytes, even for relatively small areas. The video also shows how the files are stored and how AnyLogic is configured to access them.

Watch the video and ask any questions in the comments, either here or on the YouTube video.

GIS data is used in lots of AnyLogic models, including, road, rail, and supply chain. For these areas, and more, we have lots of other helpful videos, you can find them on the AnyLogic YouTube channel. Take a look, and don’t forget to subscribe!!