Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training in Sydney

Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training took place on 18-22 February 2013 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. Healthcare was the main field of simulation modeling application discussed there. The workshop's target audience was simulation modeling specialists, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who wanted to advance their knowledge in dynamic modeling methods and see some examples of their use. 42 people attended the event.

The workshop lasted five days and the program consisted of 2 parts. The first two days were dedicated to an advanced overview of modern methods in dynamics modeling. The last three days involved intensive tutorials aimed at developing the modeling skills of each participant so that at the end of the training each participant could build their own multimethod model.

The program also included AnyLogic application case studies which comprised examples from different fields, such as hybrid car technology adoption and railroad traffic regulation, but most of them came from the field of healthcare (one example is Hospital Acquired Infections model by Rosemarie Sadsad).

In the pictures you can see some example models that were discussed by the participants.

Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training in Sydney

Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training in Sydney

The workshop was organized by the Centre for Health Informatics at the University of New South Wales (Sydney) in collaboration with the AnyLogic distributor in Australia, Evans & Peck company. The instructors were: Dr Nathaniel Osgood (Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan), Dr Geoff McDonnell (Simulation Research Fellow at Australian Institute for Health Innovation, UNSW and Director Adaptive Care Systems), and Dr Andrei Borshchev (CEO of The AnyLogic Company and the developer of the AnyLogic Modeling Software). One of Andrei's main activities was assisting the attendees in model conceptualization – answering their questions and giving recommendations on how to reflect their particular cases in AnyLogic correctly. Conceptualized cases were then discussed in class by the participants so that they could learn directly from real life solutions. The discussed cases included:

  • Generic model of patients with cardiovascular disease;
  • Maternity services distribution;
  • Aboriginal outreach with regard to mental health.

Below you can find links to the presentations delivered during the workshop.

Download Agent Based Modeling Presentation
Download Multimethod Modeling Presentation
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