Getting old – virtually! Modeling the mechanisms of aging.

Timothy E. Hoffman, Katherine J. Barnett, Lyle Wallis and William H. Hanneman of the Center for Environmental Medicine, Colorado State University are to be published in the October 2017 issue of the peer-reviewed Aging Cell journal of the Anatomical Society.

modeling of aging mitochondrial dynamics

The aim of their investigation was to assess recent significant and unusual research observations regarding aging.

By harnessing AnyLogic's simulation modeling capabilities, the team made accurate physiological predictions with the inclusion of a variety of pharmacological and genetic schemes.

In addition, they have contributed a new multimethod simulation modeling technique for studying the cellular mechanisms of aging. Integrating system dynamics, discrete event, and agent-based modeling they have set the groundwork for creating comprehensive computational models. With development, these may be able to predict aging phenotypes and disease markers, first in nematodes and eventually in larger, more complex, organisms.

Future computer simulations will provide a powerful, quick, and cost-effective means to test experimental drugs and dietary supplements that may very well slow the effects of aging and the development of age related diseases.

The full paper is available for review.