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The phone call came in to support and went something like this: We’re developing a simulation model and need to share the insights it is providing with colleagues. We can’t upload it outside the company and aren’t ready for the Private Cloud. What can we do?

Organizations certainly have use for shared business insight tools and analytics, not to mention shared development, however, when creating these systems, it can be difficult to implement the Private Cloud in full without a proven case for it. Support had been following this trend and had fed the information to the development team.

The result was a fully operational, light-weight, and single-click setup – Private Cloud Lite. With this, support had a ready answer. Read on and find out more about this release.

What is AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite?

This solution provides an easy and low-cost way for organizations to work on simulation models as a team. AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite installs as a regular user program on a Windows desktop computer that is connected to an organization's local network. AnyLogic users can then connect to this computer, upload models, conduct experiments, and analyze the results in graphs and tables.

A benefit of cloud simulation model execution is that it occupies the resources of the designated server, leaving users free of the burden. And of course, it gives you complete control over your data, keeping it within your organization.

As a development consultant or if you work with third-parties, you can grant access to Private Cloud Lite. This helps simplify workflows in both directions. For example, a consultant can show a finished model in action just by granting access.

Advantages of Private Cloud Lite:

  • Quick installation: Typically, 5-7 minutes on a Windows workstation.
  • Security: all project data is stored within the company.
  • Familiar interface: AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite presents the same interface as the public version of AnyLogic Cloud.
  • Efficient use of resources: models execute where the cloud is installed, so project collaborators can easily run simulation models wherever they are, even from lightweight laptops and mobile phones.

If you would like to learn more about AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite, get in touch. And, if you have not worked with AnyLogic Cloud yet, take a quick look at this how-to video that introduces AnyLogic Cloud.

AnyLogic Cloud overview.

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