Deploy drones effectively

Deploy drones effectively with AnyLogic

Drones are developing rapidly; their capabilities are increasing and the costs reducing. Their increased use will lift the UK GDP by 2% according to a PwC report. Certainly, they hold great promise, reducing delivery times and cost, as Amazon is exploring, and even have the potential to revolutionize commuting — see EHang’s Air Taxi or Uber’s Elevate.

Mosimtec is supporting drone/UAV network deployment through simulation. By exploring operational constraints in a virtual environment, it is possible to evaluate variables such as scheduling, maintenance, fleet size, and charging times. This approach allows instructive trial and error, enabling faster development without the risks and costs associated with real world iterations.

With a computer simulation model that captures operating constraints accurately, it is also possible to make use of optimization and analyze in detail the effects of changes. In the video (links to Mosimtec) you can see the possibilities for decision support that are provided by their drone / UAV network simulation.

Mosimtec Drones/UAV Simulation Software and Solutions (outside link)

Dive deeper into the use of AnyLogic with drones and UAVs:

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