Conference Workshops – Hot topics and inside knowledge

The AnyLogic Company Conference is almost upon us, but it’s not too late to register and get yourself a place this April 18-19, Baltimore! (Check out the full program!)

One of the reasons you should make that reservation are the workshops. Always popular, these events provide a wealth of knowledge in a highly interactive environment — with examples, how-to’s, and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

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Using the New AnyLogic Material Handling Library and Running Complex Simulation Experiments in the Cloud

Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO & Nikolay Churkov, Head of Software Development at The AnyLogic Company, and Arash Mahdavi, Simulation Modeling Consultant, AnyLogic North America

Andrei Borshchev

A preview of AnyLogic 8.3, due this spring. Demonstrating the new AnyLogic Material Handling Library, including how to model and simulate sophisticated conveyor networks and AGVs. Also, a showcase for the new AnyLogic browser-based front-end that replaces the Java implementation, explaining how to take advantage of AnyLogic Cloud when running complex multiple-run experiments such as Monte-Carlo and Parameter Variation.

anyLogistix: From Supply Chain Optimization to Dynamic Simulation

Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development at The AnyLogic Company

Timofey Popkov

anyLogistix combines analytical optimization and unmatched simulation technology to deliver precise end-to-end supply chain analysis. Dynamic Simulation is still a “known unknown” in supply chain. This workshop will demonstrate how you can benefit from using simulation and optimization in unison to innovate your supply chain — how to convert optimization results into simulation scenarios and realize the advantages of simulation technology.

Best practices in AnyLogic

Benjamin Schumann, Ph.D., Senior Analytics Fellow

Benjamin Schumann

After uncovering the hidden gems of AnyLogic at the last conference, Ben continues his quest to improve your AnyLogic experience. This time bringing you his list of best practices for model-building, based on his years of experience. Make these your habit and you will avoid sweat, tears and unnecessary delays. Any skill level will benefit:

  • For beginners, we will delve into the core steps you should follow to ensure your model doesn't crumble over time.
  • For advanced users, we will define habits to follow that will keep you sane
  • And for experts, we will introduce some cool ideas around co-development and rigorous testing

Apart from workshops, we have a fantastic line-up of great speakers from industry-leading organizations presenting their projects with AnyLogic and anyLogistix. The full program is available now!

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