Cloud-based simulation survey

AnyLogic Cloud user survey

Help shape the future of cloud-based simulation modeling by completing this short survey.

With the AnyLogic Cloud, simulation modeling is now more widely available and easier to access. As a result, both the number of people using simulation modeling and the ways it is being used are increasing. If you have used AnyLogic Cloud, and even if you hadn’t heard of it until now, we want your input.

We’d like to hear how you use AnyLogic Cloud, what can be improved, and the functionality you’d like to see. The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

AnyLogic Cloud survey

⚡ Many AnyLogic Cloud models are publicly available, take a look at some of the most recent and most popular models in AnyLogic Cloud and be inspired!

Several versions of AnyLogic Cloud meet different usage requirements relating to privacy and capacity, find out more about AnyLogic Cloud versions.

AnyLogic Cloud technology will be on show at The AnyLogic Conference 2019 where we will demonstrate the latest developments – including a panel discussion on how simulation and machine learning are driving each other forward. Panel guests include AI domain specialists from DecisionLab, Microsoft, PwC, SkyMind and more. Find out more about the panel discussion, workshops and industry expert presentations to see how simulation modeling with AnyLogic can empower your business.