Applying Simulation to the Oil and Gas Industry

Applying Simulation to the Oil and Gas Industry

For any industry, adopting new technology can be costly both in time, and money. As most of you know, adopting simulation modeling is the way around making costly unnecessary changes and depleting human resources. New to the simulation and modeling concept as a decision-making and problem-solving tool, is the oil & gas industry.

Alvaro Gil, Senior Developer and Simulation Modeling Specialist at Steam Systems Ltd guides us through the implementation of simulation modeling, the data behind the models, bumps in the road, and ultimately the return on investment. Utilizing simulation and modeling to address oil & gas industry challenges, Stream Systems helps clients realize billions of dollars in cost-savings.

The beginning steps of Stream System's processes were recently published in both Oil & Gas Engineering and Control Engineering Magazines. The magazines are known for providing engineers with the knowledge they need to improve their operational efficiency and deliver comprehensive, relevant content to engineers around the world – on time, on their schedule.

The full article is available through Oil & Gas Engineering and Control Engineering. Stream Systems. Ltd, also presented specific case studies at the AnyLogic Conference in 2014 and 2015. Learn more about their state-of-the-art approaches to the oil & gas industry's business challenges on AnyLogic's Conference web page or by visiting

Applying Simulation to the Oil and Gas IndustryApplying Simulation to the Oil and Gas Industry