Apollo 11, better living, and AnyLogic in the WSJ

Neil Armstrong

In connection with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first humans on the moon, the Wall Street Journal ran an Inside View article by Andy Kessler, Better Living Through Simulations. What a combination, the moon landings and simulation!

The moon landings were straight-up awesome and, perhaps like many of you, we enjoyed much of the Apollo 11 anniversary coverage. So, when we found a WSJ article featuring simulation in connection with the events of July 1969 that cited not just one but two AnyLogic examples, we were, well, …over the moon!

The article makes for a fun read and provides examples of simulation in many areas of industry, as well as in our daily lives. What the article does not do, is provide links for further reading and insight. So, to expand on the article’s AnyLogic simulation in industry examples and facilitate a bit of a deeper dive, here are our related videos, case studies and presentation PDFs:

Demand and Supply Planning – McDonald’s HAVI All Day Breakfast

Case study and presentation slides.

CSX Solves Railroad Operations Challenges using simulation

Case study and presentation slides.

The article also points to cloud-based simulation, an area you can find out more about on our dedicated AnyLogic Cloud page and in our blog [tag: cloud].