AnyLogic Timeline Intro

Delving back through the AnyLogic history has been both interesting and instructive, highlighting the key stages along the way to becoming the leading simulation software for business applications. There are also a few curiosities.

The start of the timeline.

Starting at the earliest point, it is immediately noticeable how quickly software interfaces have aged, and, as you continue, you can find further surprises in computing progress, such is the pace of change. Nevertheless, from the new timeline, it is clear to see how the features have built up over the years to give us the powerful product we have today.

Perhaps surprisingly, there was never a version 1. The earliest release of AnyLogic is version 4.0, the previous numbers in the series belong to COVERS, a program for analyzing the correctness of parallel and distributed computer programs. What these earlier versions of COVERS had made clear was that software simulation could be applied far more broadly, and so, just as the 21st century was beginning, AnyLogic was launched.

AnyLogic was the first agent-based simulation environment and, with its ability to model physical objects, it was aimed at making system-modeling universal, irrespective of scale or complexity. Over time, adding discrete event, and system dynamics modeling, multiple industry libraries, and powerful visualization, AnyLogic has led the way. A single platform for tackling the most complex business challenges.

Dive in, have a look, get to know AnyLogic, see how it defined the field and became the standard for dynamic simulation modeling.