AnyLogic Seminar in Paris: follow-up

Along with AnyLogic Europe, we held a seminar for AnyLogic users in Paris. It was attended by 55 representatives from companies and universities that use simulation modeling for education and business purposes.

At the seminar, Andrey Borshchev, the CEO of The AnyLogic Company, introduced AnyLogic Cloud, a web service that allows users to run models online, on any devices, including phones and tablets, and share the models with other users. AnyLogic Cloud is a powerful tool that can perform online simulation analytics with a wide range of model experiments and custom web dashboards.

The seminar's speakers showcased how AnyLogic is applied in the fields of energy systems, industrial risk assessment, healthcare, logistics, and pedestrian flow modeling.

David Leriche talked about the project of transportation modeling in the port of Le Havre, one of the largest French ports, and the fifth largest in Northern Europe. The project was aimed at improving the transport communication between the sea terminals and the multimodal terminal inside the port. For this purpose, the plan was to use the autonomous railway trains to ship shuttle loads. The designed model allowed users to test various decisions concerning logistics inside the port, and estimate the economic indicators. Download presentation >>

Paul Heyberger, an engineer from Setec International, demonstrated how AnyLogic was applied for pedestrian flows modeling in museums, airports, shopping centers, and railway stations. One of the Setec projects included pedestrian traffic modeling in the building of the former city commodity exchange in Paris. It was planned to be reconstructed for exhibitions, and to find the optimal space topology, Anylogic simulation modeling was chosen. The company's other projects included density assessment of the pedestrian flows at the metro station in Montreal, modeling of access control systems at tram stops in Lyon (France), and pedestrian flows modeling at the airport of Cote D'Azur (Nice, France). Download presentation >>

A member of the European Energy Research Institute, Enrique Kremens, presented a project of decentralized energy systems' modeling. In this case, Anylogic allowed the users to look at how the system worked from the inside, and capture the possible issues connected with variabilities. Download article >>
To get more information concerning the seminar and register for another Anylogic event in Paris, please contact Vladimir Koltchanov via email or phone: +33 (0) 1 60 71 60 58.

The next Paris seminar will be held on May 16, 2017. It will be dedicated to anyLogistix, a multimethod software for supply chain design, optimization, and analysis. See details on the event's page.

AnyLogic Seminar in Paris: follow-up