AnyLogic Rail Library How-To Videos

busy railway at night 

How to build railway models: Video lessons for beginners

The AnyLogic rail library helps model the work of marshalling yards, railway stations, tram and metro stations, technological routes in container terminals, and other railway systems.

Here you will find three short training videos. From them you will learn how to simulate the movement of trains by rail and avoid train collisions when modeling.

Shuttle train simulation

If you have never modeled the movement of trains in AnyLogic, we recommend that you start with this video. The model simulates the movement of a single-train shuttle train between two terminals of an airport, including the landing and disembarkation of passengers. You will learn how to set the motion of a train, animate objects in 3D, and also how to implement passenger behavior using the capabilities of the AnyLogic Pedestrian Library.

Modeling trains with several cars

It is easy to build models with multiple carriages. In this video you learn how to give each train a random number of wagons, how to change their appearance and their composition, and how to avoid train collisions.

In order for trains not to collide, it is necessary to change the logic of their movement on the railway network. In this video, we'll show you how.

Tuesday October 10th 2017 – Join us for a webinar featuring the AnyLogic Rail Library. The webinar will detail how to build a railway network, including yards, and highlight features useful for your future rail modeling projects. Find out more and register.