AnyLogic Internship Competition

AnyLogic Model Builder

Attention all graduate and post-graduate IE and OR students! Win a trip to San Francisco, CA, USA and your DREAM internship opportunity with the fastest growing Modeling and Simulation Company in the world!

This competition is an opportunity for students to design and build a model which applies to a real world business problem. The top two candidates will win a trip to the AnyLogic Conference 2014 where they will present their model and be considered for six-month paid internship at AnyLogic North America in Chicago, IL, USA!

Do you have what it takes? Begin by submitting your AnyLogic model here, including an in depth written analysis of the business problem and how it was solved using AnyLogic software. For further information contact Rene' Reiter, Marketing Manager at AnyLogic North America, LLC.

“… AnyLogic still remains the only package which can genuinely represent both DES and SD models (and also agent-based models). It offers nearly all the main features available in paradigm specific software tools such as Vensim, Powersim and iThink (SD tools) and Arena, Witness, Simul8 and ProModel (DES tools).” - S. Brailsford, J. Viana, S. Rossiter, A. Channon and A. Lotery of the University of Southampton

What you need to know…

Position Title: Modeler

Job Description: Create models using AnyLogic software

Candidate requirements: AnyLogic expert-approved modeling capabilities and…
1. A capacity to discuss modeling needs with current and potential AnyLogic clients
2. Excellent presentation and speaking skills
3. Some knowledge of other simulation and modeling software
4. Refined customer service skills

Compensation: AnyLogic interns are paid a competitive salary.

Submission process: Deadline is October 1st, 2014
1. Submit your model and written analysis to
2. Include your resume in your submission
3. AnyLogic will contact within 10 business days of your submission
4. Top two candidates will be invited to present their research at the AnyLogic Conference 2014 in San Francisco, CA on November 12th and 13th, 2014. Travel and accommodations will be paid by AnyLogic North America, LLC.

Location of internship: AnyLogic North America, LLC headquarters in downtown Chicago, IL. Therefore, only applications from US Colleges and Universities will be accepted.