AnyLogic Conference 2019 presentations and photos

Presentations at the AnyLogic Conference 2019

The AnyLogic Conference 2019 made clear how simulation modeling continues to empower all kinds of industries from all around the world. The exciting progress being made in machine learning and its strengthening relationship with simulation also featured strongly throughout the event.

Here we have gathered the presentations for download and also posted some photos!


Simulation experts and machine learning specialists from across industries assembled in Austin, Texas, April 17-18, to share their insights and demonstrate innovative ideas. With a combination of presentations, workshops, and a panel discussion, they did not disappoint.

Conference themes

Grocery picking robots at Walmart were the focus of MOSIMTEC’s presentation with Alert Innovation. They demonstrated how simulation featured in the development of the system, further highlighting the use of simulation in material handling developments.

The Unreal 3D engine made Transocean’s virtual well construction presentation visually eye-catching and excellent demonstration of API connectivity.

Visuals were a popular theme, with the AnyLogic Cloud API enabling custom UI and Benjamin Schumann’s AnyLogic UI workshop both recognizing the importance of good presentation.

New for the AnyLogic Conference was the panel discussion. PwC Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, Dr. Anand Rao, chaired the panel of experienced AI and simulation practitioners, including experts from descisionLab, Microsoft, and Skymind. The discussion was interesting and wide ranging, highlighting how industry is increasingly making use of machine learning and how simulation is helping enable its adoption.

You can find all the above presentations, and many more, to download as PDFs from the conference page. You will be able to view the session videos online soon, subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t miss them!

Attendees at the AnyLogic Conference 2019

Thank you

It was great to welcome everyone in Austin this 2019 and we would like to thank our sponsors MOSIMTEC, SimWell, and Sterling Simulation, as well as all who attended, for helping deliver another memorable AnyLogic Conference.

Were you there? What were your highlights, let us know in the comments below!

Networking at the AnyLogic Conference 2019

⭐ DecisionLab will present at the AnyLogic Simulation and Machine Learning Event in Birmingham, June 11th. Easy access from Europe, check it out!

❕ You can now get the example deep reinforcement learning model and documentation used by AnyLogic and Skymind at the conference.

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