AnyLogic Conference 2013 Coming Up

AnyLogic Conference 2013 Coming Up

The AnyLogic Company, for the second year, invites all simulation specialists, business analysts, and researchers, who use AnyLogic in their work, to come after the WinterSim conference and share their experiences using AnyLogic software. The second annual AnyLogic Conference will take place on December 12, 2013 in Washington DC (USA) at a hotel situated right in front of the WinterSim venue.

The conferencewill feature case studies from various industries. The presentations will reflect the versatility of multimethod modeling with AnyLogic, covering all three simulation techniques featured in AnyLogic as well as many of their combinations.

With more than 100 simulation specialists from all over the world in attendance last year, the AnyLogic Conference 2012 was a huge success. Last year's attendees pointed out that learning a wide variety of solutions for many different industries, based on multimethod modeling, was the main benefit of the conference.

"It was very enlightening. To me, the most interesting point was to see various applications from the different industries," said Anette van der Merwe from Sasol, South Africa's largest corporate taxpayer, employing 34,000 people. Sasol representatives attended the conference in 2012, but they did not present a project. This year, the company saw the conference as an opportunity to share their extensive simulation experience and they have already submitted a paper on modeling of rail operations.

Organizations that have already submitted their case studies include General Electric, Old Dominion University (USA), University of Southampton (UK), Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), Sasol (South Africa), Instituto Tecnologico Buenos Aires (Argentina), and others.
The newly introduced healthcare section will feature presentations from acclaimed health simulation gurus Nathaniel Osgood from MIT and Geoff McDonnell from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Registration to the AnyLogic Conference is free, but limited to the venue size, so don't hesitate to register to attend the conferencenow!

If you have an experience that you feel would make a good case study for the conference, please contact the Conference Manager.

Looking forward to seeing you in Washington DC in December!

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