AnyLogic 8.5 released with updated Cloud API

We have updated AnyLogic to version 8.5 and it is now available for download. Changes have also been made to the AnyLogic Cloud API. Below is a summary of the key changes, the full list can be found in the change log. Read on and see what’s new!

Support for multi-level models

Multi-level objects, such as buildings, conveyors, and even cruise liners, are now easier to model in AnyLogic within the framework of a single agent. The update makes the process of working with layers similar to that found in graphical editors. Each level can be worked on separately, while maintaining a multi-layer view of the object, and the transparency of the levels can be changed, allowing you to hide or display level contents.

To move items between levels, special markup elements are used:

  • Network port — for AGV that follow guide marks
  • New element — Level gate — for AGV that move freely
  • Lift — for any AGV and objects on conveyors

Here's what it looks like — you can see how objects move between levels:

We will take a deeper dive into how levels work in a future blog, so be sure to check back soon or, even better, subscribe to the newsletter and never miss a post!

Density map for transporters

When we released AnyLogic 8.4, we introduced AGVs that could move freely. Now, in AnyLogic 8.5, we have added a density map for these AGVs. The density map works the same as for pedestrians: changing color depending on the level of activity. The properties allow you to adjust the transparency and critical number of AGVs.

Pedestrian traffic

Pallet racks, conveyors and cranes now have the Is obstacle property. When it is active, the object becomes an obstacle for pedestrians, and they are forced to go around it.

New Material Handling Library tutorial

The Material Handling Library is a large and rapidly developing part of AnyLogic, and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. To help, we have released a new tutorial — Lead Acid Battery Production. In it, we show step by step how to build a model of a production line for car batteries.

You will find the new guide in the program menu: Help -> Tutorials. The blog also has tutorials for this library so, if you haven’t already, be sure to take a look! You will also find the Material Handling Library is now streamlined and works much faster, in some cases models are 15 times quicker.

AnyLogic Cloud API

The AnyLogic Cloud API has been updated in line with version 8.5.0, making the client for the API more flexible and easier to use. The new API functionality allows you to change cloud model parameters directly in the animation mode, and also extends HTML interface creation capabilities. To get started, check out the documentation for the updated API.

You can install and test AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite for free until September 30 – find out more.

Other notable changes include an update to the OptQuest optimizer and the addition of new 3D objects, including airplanes, production machines, trucks, bicycles, and more.

Download AnyLogic 8.5, test the innovations and leave your reviews in the comments below!