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In response to changes in industry, there are changes to this year’s AnyLogic Conference. In a way, this mirrors the relationship developing between simulation and machine learning – each benefitting from the input and feedback of each other.

This April’s AnyLogic Conference, in addition to presentations from leading simulation practitioners, will feature an expert-led panel discussion on how agent-based simulation is helping AI develop beyond deep learning.

The panel will be led by Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead and Partner at PwC. With 33 years industry experience and an AI background, he helps senior executives manage critical issues in the field.

Panel members are domain specialists, experienced in the current application of artificial intelligence and simulation, including Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind. Focusing on the enterprise, Skymind is the developer of DL4J and deploys machine learning to solve problems in areas as diverse as fraud detection, healthcare, and smart robots.

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Of course, the conference maintains its presentation and workshop content. Industry leading organizations and the most innovative AnyLogic users will demonstrate how they are applying simulation and advancing business across multiple industries.

More than a dozen presentations will show the very latest successes of simulation in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Social Processes, Retail, and Artificial Intelligence. The presentation program demonstrates the broad applicability of AnyLogic simulation and the many areas it helps advance.

In addition to grocery picking robot analysis from our partners at MOSIMTEC, Critical chain project management in manufacturing with Goldratt Research Labs., and PwC’s Doing strategy through simulation, gaming, AI, and continuous execution, you will hear how to get the most out of simulation from a wide variety of insightful industry practitioners. Be sure to check out the program! Though, for a more hands-on experience, the workshops have a lot to offer.

In timely response to increasing developer interest, Dr. Benjamin Schumann will be reminding us all 'not to forget the user' with a workshop dedicated to Creating Amazing User Interface Design with Little Effort in AnyLogic. Following his popular AnyLogic Hidden Gems and AnyLogic Best Practices, Ben will guide workshop attendees through how to create, manage and re-use winning UI ideas. Based on his experiences with a range of Fortune 500 companies and global technology leaders, the workshop is sure to prove both valuable and popular.

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The conference is in Austin, TX, and runs April 17-18. Tickets are available now, early-bird pricing ends on March, 1st. Reserve you place, meet the AnyLogic team, learn from industry practitioners, and get the most from AnyLogic simulation. Be sure not to miss the AI discussion panel!

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