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process modelling library, How to build a production flow with two stocks?
Dear all,
I am a german student and I have a problem building a model.
1. I would like to build a production flow with two stocks using process modelling library under my agend Produktion.
I just want to move 450 products per day from the first stock (HFE) into the orther (FE). Of course the HFE-stock should be minimized by these 450 pieces and the FE-Stock should add these 450 products to its stock.
So I have two Agents called HFE and FE. These are the products. And under the Agend Produktioin I have two Resource Pools (HFE and FE) for these products.
My process modell contains source (agent: HFE), seize, queue, delay, moveTo, release, sink. In Source I entered the Arrival rate 1 per day. I've put in seize, queue and delay a capacity of 450.
Is this the right process flow to build this production flow?
It doesn't count the way I want. I want it to count 450, 900, 1350... but it does packages which entail 450. So it counts 1, 2, 3 ....
How can I change the counting?
2. Then I want to update an event called BedarfBerlin only if the Resource Pool HFE is higher than 1000. How do I have to write the contdition so that it works?
At the moment I wrote HFE > 1000. Is this correct?

Thank you in Advance.
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