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  • We chose AnyLogic because of its flexibility. We have many customers in many industries that have very different requirements because their supply chains are different, and we’ve been very easily able to change our models quickly to interact with the customers. The agent based tool is very powerful for us, our automated robots are highly intelligent, so we want to represent those behaviors using the agent based approach inside the AnyLogic tool, and we have very large fleets, up to 500 robots in a system, and AnyLogic is able to handle the complexity of the interactions amongst those 500 robots and able to do computations efficiently.

    Dr. Larry M. Sweet, CTO,
    Symbotic LLC
  • We use AnyLogic to understand better, improve and demonstrate how complex systems work. My personal favorite aspect of AnyLogic is the fact that it compiles the simulation models into a general purpose, fully object-oriented program language, like Java. Which allows us to embed optimization algorithms into simulations without writing unnecessary code.

    Onur Dulgeroglu, Senior Analytics Engineer,
    GE Global Research
  • AnyLogic is a powerful simulation tool combined with Java. What I like about AnyLogic is its velocity, adaptability, and versatility.

    Mariana Dorigatti,
  • AnyLogic is both a user-friendly graphical environment and a multi-functional set of libraries for building simulation models. An ability to customize models with Java grants professional modelers with unlimited capabilities for problem-solving in any practical area.

    Ruslan Sukhih,
    Solver Robotics LLC
  • I am new to the AnyLogic product, but have gotten up to speed quickly. In part, this reflects the strength of the product itself - the ability to design the simulation logic graphically, using the extensive set of tools provided. However, the AnyLogic staff has also played a large role, through training and support. The technical team even added custom features to the language to better support my specific needs.

    Roger Baugher,
    TrAnalytics LLC
  • AnyLogic has demonstrated the capability of going from an academic environment to helping develop realistic tools in the areas of resource optimization. The simulation framework provides the ability to use both agent-based and event-based methods to describe the stochastic behavior of machine-controlled and human-controlled objects. Furthermore, the flexibility of creating customized code and outputting multiple aspects of the simulation permits for developers to test aspects of the tools being developed. Finally, the support of AnyLogic (both in the purchasing and development phases) was tremendous.

    Moises Sudit, Ph.D., Director, Information Fusion Group,
  • We have found AnyLogic to be powerful, robust, and suitable for a wide variety of modeling projects. The ability to model using any of the major paradigms (or a combination) allows us to tailor our models appropriately. The user interface is easy to understand for people of all levels of education and experience. AnyLogic's superb technical support has helped us to model very complex systems that we would not have been able to do otherwise.

    Mark Kazmierczak,
    Gryphon Scientific
  • We found AnyLogic to be the best simulation platform on the market in terms of speed, flexibility, programability.

    Silviu Trebuian, Managing Director,
    Simando Technology SRL
  • We chose AnyLogic because we found that traditional techniques did not do just to what we were trying to model. When we saw AnyLogic, it was a great ah-ha moment to say this is the tool I need to solve the problems I am trying to solve. The benefits of a multi-method modeling approach are that you can solve the problem more naturally. If you do not have the ability to do multi-method modeling, you end up creating all types of anomalies in your model, fitting the methodology rather than fitting the problem. Multimethod modeling is a great effective tool.

    Bipin Chadha, Ph.D., Data Scientist,
  • We chose AnyLogic because of the following features: flexible pedestrian modeling abilities, intuitive user interface, simplicity of programming, visualization abilities, and the ability to gather a wide range of statistical data for analysis. During our work with the AnyLogic team, we appreciated the efficiency and the quality of the technical support, the expertise of the company engineers, and the willingness of the company to improve the product for the clients.

    Alexey Pashkevitch,
    ITS Consulting
  • Anylogic is by far one of the most advanced software programs for simulation of complex systems. It can be applied efficiently in the modeling of highly complex systems in various spheres of contemporary economics and teaching, as well as in teaching MBA classes to top managers and corporate decision makers.

    Dmitry Katalevsky, Ph.D. Economics, lecturer MBA/EMBA classes, Senior Manager,
    Deloitte & Touche CIS
  • We were looking at the behavior of our shippers in the oil & gas industry, and we needed to model this without using hundreds of pages of code. AnyLogic was the optimal method, we could create agents, and especially dynamically create multiple agents, plus we used multimethod since there were other processes where we needed to use discrete event and system dynamics.

    Dumitru Cernelev, CEO,
    Stream Systems Ltd.
  • AnyLogic has a nice object-oriented feature that allows you to create a component and reuse it, which is very useful to us, plus, the user interface has many built in charts. The most valuable feature of AnyLogic to me is to export a model, and let anyone run it on their computer without a software license.

    Victor Chang, Software Engineer,
  • I see modeling and simulation capabilities, especially agent-based modeling techniques, as critical to helping identify breakthroughs with complex phenomena associated with health care delivery. Integrating diverse types of data with multi-method simulation can advance our understanding of biological phenomena in order to deliver higher quality health care. AnyLogic’s leadership in agent-based modeling, combined with its unique approach in a Java-based architecture, enables Health Services Consulting to navigate new territory and pursue cutting-edge projects now and in the future. I’m excited about the possibilities.

    Roger A. Edwards, ScD, Vice-President,
    Health Services Consulting Corporation
  • I would recommend AnyLogic software because it is a mature platform that allows a combination of multimethod modeling paradigms, in a very user friendly and open manner. Plus it takes advantage of Java which is also a technically mature and secure way of building models. The advantages of agent-based modeling with AnyLogic is that you can combine it with other methods and combine existing knowledge with agent based approach. Also, it’s fairly user friendly, the facilities in the graphical user interface and development are very good.

    Artem Parakhine,
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • TSG Consulting has been a long time user of Arena simulation software, and a couple of years back we decided that we needed a more scalable and powerful simulation tool so we surveyed the market and spent around 6 months extensively testing a large number of simulation software packages. AnyLogic was the tool that stood clear of the rest. Our consultants have adopted AnyLogic with enthusiasm and we are seeing gains in their productivity and the quality of the models they produce. To say we are pleased with AnyLogic is understating our enthusiasm for the product and as a company we look forward to a great future working with AnyLogic.

    Peter Bodon, Technical Director,
    TSG Consulting
  • AnyLogic is a simulation package that provides value to users at all levels. The visual UI allows entry level users to quickly develop insightful simulation models. The ability to customize models with Java provides the flexibility and freedom for advanced users to develop highly detailed and complex models efficiently. The integration of AnyLogic with such a widely known language such as Java makes it accessible to a very broad talent pool, and eases the learning curve for good programmers to become advanced AnyLogic users.

    Paul Corry, Lead Simulation Analyst,
    Aurecon Australia
  • AnyLogic offers wide analysis and business process optimization capabilities in comparison to the traditional analytical methods. Support of multiple methods allows the analyst to choose solutions relevant to the goals of simulation and the available statistics. Other important advantages of the system are the optimization module and GIS map integration.

    Nikolay Begunov, PhD, Project Manager,
    Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • AnyLogic is flexible: I don't feel hemmed in with any approach, and version 7 is a huge leap forward in the multimethod capability. We usually make changes with our eyes wide open thanks to AnyLogic!

    Keith Stockman, Manager of Projects and Operations Research, General Medicine Program,
    Monash Health
  • I have seen a lot of simulation products and this is the only one that can combine all three methodologies. Plus, the ability to show all the graphic components has a great impact on who I present the models to. This allows AnyLogic to be THE choice for simulation modeling.

    Kelvin Blyden, Supply Chain Analyst,
  • Multimethod modeling is the most important feature of AnyLogic. The biggest advantage for me was the capability for advanced healthcare modelling and simulation.

    Geoff McDonnell, Director,
    Adaptive Care Systems and Synergia
  • Many specialists take part in plant planning process today, with everybody having their own vision, which has to be considered. AnyLogic is the best tool both for getting the operational data about the future system and an opportunity to visualize the work of it. This allows all the project participants to concretize and detalise their perceptions of how future plant has to be designed, and as a result, avoid mistakes while implementing the project. When huge long-term investments are involved, avoiding bottlenecks allows to save a lot of money during the years of plant operation, and AnyLogic is the way to help us in it.

    Nikita Shchedrov, Project Engineer,
    Begarat LLC
  • I’ve been using AnyLogic for about three or four years now, and I found that it’s probably one of the better solutions out there for really being able to implement models if you don’t necessarily have a very extensive coding background to start with.

    Joseph Simkins,
    Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Although I am still a new user of AnyLogic, I have been very impressed with its flexibility, ease of use, and the multimethod capabilities. AnyLogic’s versatility and standard libraries allow us to address a large number of different business process automation questions very quickly and with one software tool. I also believe the ability to customize ours models with Java code is invaluable when modeling the complex interactions in today’s real-world systems and operations.

    Dr. Gregory Kott, Principal Research Scientist,
    PARC, A Xerox Company
  • AnyLogic provides simulation modelling that steps outside the limitations of many traditional evaluation techniques. Which means, when used correctly, it gets around the biases inherent in old school thinking. If you want to find new and innovative ways of doing business, understanding issues, developing policy then you need to have evaluation tools that can keep up. AnyLogic provides that flexibility.

    Gerard Nelson,
    RedHot Innovation
  • AnyLogic is sufficiently flexible to support systems and policy research, yet robust enough to produce stand-alone applications that can be used by others to support their professional work.

    Neil McEvoy,
  • The competition is constantly getting tougher, and today you have to compete for a one-hundredth of a percent of a market share in many industries. That’s why AnyLogic is unique. It allows you to optimize business processes and rise your resource utilization rate up to the level unachievable for most of the competitors.

    Alexey Mashanov, CTO,
    Magnat Group
  • I go back with AnyLogic to the very beginning: over ten years now. Ten years ago, AnyLogic was what I call the only industrial strength product that had a hope of doing both system dynamics, agent based, and discrete event in one package. As best as I can tell, it’s still the only package that has that capability. As we do more especially in the realm of agent based models, there are some open-source tools, but none of them has anything close to the functionality that AnyLogic does.

    Dr. Mark Paich, Director,
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • I have been using Anylogic for quite some time now and have been falling in love with it. I have never seen such a powefull tool easily combing several modeling methods in a true and seemlessly integrated multimethod approach. Besides the functionality provided by the application I find the 'Get support' function very valuable. I have had a few cases where the response on my questions included a good advice or explanation and in one case the reply included the model with the suggested changes already applied. All within a few days. Excellent service helping me to quickly move on.

    Erwin Spekschoor, Project Manager and Consultant,
    Lean Six Sigma Company
  • Simulation and modeling are important elements of a science based approach in disaster and emergency management. AnyLogic provides disaster and emergency management professionals with agent based modeling and tools that can simulate hazards and risks, emergency preparedness and response efforts, and post disaster recovery scenarios.

    Ali Asgary,
    Disaster & Emergency Management Program, York University
  • We chose AnyLogic for three reasons, technology, support and people. I think AnyLogic has the best technology in the simulation software industry, it has the agent based, process based and system dynamics, plus it is written in Java, which means many available resources and ease of finding people who can model in AnyLogic since many know Java code. AnyLogic can be deployed on the internet, you can develop an AnyLogic model and easily share with colleagues, partners, etc.

    Clark Chang,
    Norfolk Southern Railway
  • We use simulation tools, including AnyLogic, to analyze alternative capital investment solutions in order to help decide on the best investment decision. AnyLogic has helped with that decision process by providing our company with a tool that is flexible/adaptable to build models in different groups within our company using the team license server. We can easily use and combine multiple simulation methods to create the best modeling approach for each problem. The built-in functionality allows for new users to get up and running quickly and the use of Java means advanced users are able to build and customize more complex models.

    Jeremiah Dirnberger,
  • AnyLogic support team has been very proactive in supporting my projects and meeting my deadlines. I’ve been working with AnyLogic software less than a month and I'm feeling confident moving forward as I continuously learn a lot from the support team. AnyLogic support team to me is brilliant, fast, energetic and fully equipped with technical knowledge. Fear no more as anyone can easily learn simulation with AnyLogic's perfect support team guidance and user-friendly software.

    Ching-synn Teo,
    AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.)
  • AnyLogic is proved to be a very useful tool as I can build simulations using different simulation methodologies and create intuitive and appealing interfaces for end-users. Most functionality is available as predefined objects but it is nice to have the flexibility to add your own structures if necessary. Their technical support team is very knowledgeable and responsive; their support has been outstanding in my experience.

    Principal Informatics Scientist,
    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • We’ve been using AnyLogic probably for four years now. Most of my work time I was working with another academically based agent based modeling system. We were aware that AnyLogic existed, but only after a while did we think that maybe we should look at it instead of looking at the system we were using, and we found that it was easier for us to learn and to implement.

    Neil McEvoy, Director,
    Centre for Research in Healthcare Engineering
  • One of the most important AnyLogic features is the ability to build our own libraries. We only have to build them once, but can use them multiple times in different models.

    Gunnar Feldmann, Assistant Operations Research Specialist,
    Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • We chose AnyLogic to tackle our large complex problem because of the multimethod models you can use, the mix of agent based, discrete event and system dynamics is a very useful combination. My favorite part of AnyLogic is all the dashboard features, the great charts and business intelligence you can get from the agents that are working in the model.

    Kyle Johnson, Global Business Services, Advanced Analytics and Optimization,
  • AnyLogic has been perfect for us because of its flexibility and multimethod approach. We are able to look at a lot of different types of interactions, that you couldn’t typically do with, for example, a discrete modeling software. We are able to address many different problems with just one tool, which is fantastic for us.

    Allan Chegus, President,
    Stream Systems Ltd.
  • AnyLogic is an extremely powerful software to create complex simulation models. We haven been working on Rough Cut Capacity model, with a large number of SKU`s and production lines, and the diversity of AnyLogic features and methods enable us to model all complex situations along the production process. All along our development we have received an outstanding support, always in time and very clear. The support team even developed some custom examples to fulfil our needs. We feel AnyLogic is a great tool with an excellent support team.

    Elisa Elena,
  • AnyLogic allows to describe processes and explain them to decision makers. Its advantages are the great flexibility in reproduction of problems and the possibility to use system dynamics, agent based and discrete event simulation in one model.

    Romeo Placido, Director Hospital Radiology,
    Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Messina
  • AnyLogic is extremely powerful, state of the art simulation software. The multimethod modeling capabilities and the ability to customize with Java are just two of the many reasons this software is so functional.

    Mike Prince, Senior Operations Research Specialist,
    BNSF Railway
  • AnyLogic is an easy to learn platform that is able to incorporate various modeling techniques to allow us to create powerful solutions for our clients.

    Eric Rosenbaum, Experienced Associate,
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • AnyLogic helps predict risks and trade offs to support decision making. It allows the users to visualize and validate plant design to gain buy in and ensure future production capacity, and forecast future workforce needs and risks. AnyLogic is very flexible, you can integrate it with many things. The software seems to evolve, and the developers listen to comments.

    Wenchun Annie Wang, Industrial Engineer – Simulation,
    CH2M Hill
  • AnyLogic was the clear choice after comprehensive evaluation of multiple systems and further prototyping in those that were shortlisted. Furthermore, it continues to impress the deeper we get. There's no doubt the right simulation and modelling tool was selected for the majority of our current and future needs.

    Jay Ta'ala, Senior Modeller, Supply Chain Analytics,
    BHP Billiton Iron Ore
  • The benefit of agent based modeling in AnyLogic is to truly model our supply chain. Each of the agents we use in our simulation can correspond to vessels, distribution centers, ports of loading, ports of discharge, our retailers, etc. with their own behaviors. AnyLogic makes it easy for me to give our many agents their own customizable behaviors and let them interact together in a fully integrated software.

    Beth Tyrie,
    Fruit of the Loom, Inc
  • The most flexible simulation modeling tool on the market - 1) through the Java platform and access to Java programming when needs for tailor-making the model appears 2) through the possibility to mix different modeling methods. Good libraries with predesigned objects and building blocks (with great flexibility in themselves), continuous improvements and enhancements in new versions, and a very good and customer-oriented support function, makes the big picture more or less complete in my view!

    Stefan Bengtsson,
    County of Stockholm
  • AnyLogic is a tool where a modeler can implement any of his ideas. Easily, fast and with enjoyment. A special thanks to the AnyLogic documentation and Support Team! Their perfect work makes your induction into AL world smooth and happy!

    Yuriy Pidvalny, ML-IS,
    Kuehne + Nagel
  • AnyLogic is a very powerful software that enabled me to create a simulation model using two different simulation paradigms at once. By this it enables me to create simulation model that is scalable - very detailed scale at the one hand and a large scale representation of another aspect of the system on the other hand that is simulated with the discrete-event approach. Furthermore, AnyLogic provides the possibility to establish hierarchy in the simulation model itself. Thus the software can be used to create simulation models of any complexity.

    Tobias Rahm,
    Ruhr University Bochum
  • As an educator, I was in the market for a modeling package to teach to help my undergraduate students understand the principles of multi-domain modeling. After reviewing several products, AnyLogic combined the robust feature set I was interested in with an intuitive user interface that should make it easy for my students to pick up the tool and start gaining insight into their problems in a hurry. I was also extremely pleased with the flexible pricing for academic users.

    Marshall Bartlett,
    Hollins University
  • AnyLogic is an extremely powerful software tool, which makes implementation of simulation models straightforward. The ability to combine agent-based and systems dynamic features is great, as well as the ability to run parametric experiments. One can begin using AnyLogic very quickly, but as with any powerful tool, there is a considerable learning curve to full appreciation of its capabilities.

    Victor E. Middleton,
    Wright State University
  • The email support is outstanding for a student learning the software. The software tutorials are also awesome.

    Daniel Schleith,
    University of Cincinnati
  • I have been using AnyLogic for 5 years for various commercial projects (transportation, demographic projection, etc.), and in education. Taking into consideration my experience in using different agent based modeling tools, I can say that AnyLogic leaves them all behind. AnyLogic provides you with the possibility of visual design of elements in models and a rich library of controls. According to my experience, students show better performance and learn material efficiently when using AnyLogic. I would like to point out the growing popularity of this tool, as you can often see various AnyLogic models presented at Social Dynamics congresses.

    Albert Bakhtizin,
    CEMI Russian Academy of Sciences
  • AnyLogic is a working tool where you can easily build models of cases of real life. It allows a sensitivity analysis of various scenarios through simulation, thus providing a thorough understanding of the phenomena involved. Furthermore, the work with three paradigms allows unique flexibility, which cannot be found in other software.

    Elias Rebuge,
    University of A Coruña
  • … AnyLogic still remains the only package which can genuinely represent both discrete event and system dynamics models (and also agent-based models). It offers nearly all the main features available in paradigm specific software tools such as SD and DES tools.

    S. Brailsford, J. Viana, S. Rossiter, A. Channon and A. Lotery ,
    University of Southampton
  • I've been using AnyLogic for the last two years, and I think is the most complete and useful simulation software in the market. I’ve also had experience with other tools, and none of them are capable of integrating the multimethod modeling paradigm, and AnyLogic is. If you have a low background in programming, probably your learning curve can be hard at the beginning, however once you get some experience, you can simulate anything. Currently, we use AnyLogic as simulation tool for several projects, like logistics, or clinical activities, or patient/staff flow modeling. If you are looking for a complete solution, this can be a good choice.

    Alvaro Gil,
    Jewish General Hospital - Montreal
  • AnyLogic is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. After some hours of work with the program, I fell in love with it. It's amazing to watch a running system that we implemented. The diversity of AnyLogic allows a big range of applications!

    Christian Schulze,
  • I use multimethod modeling and simulation, therefore AnyLogic is the most powerful tool in business modeling and simulation. I educate at least 20-30 students every term in AnyLogic. I can point out good tutorials and example models, and connectivity of different techniques as main advantages of the product.

    Dietmar Neubacher,
    Graz University of Technology
  • I have been using AnyLogic for a few years for models in the social and healthcare context. I like that you can start using it almost out of the box and get some results with straightforward presentations. I like the fact that I can mix and match simulation paradigms like ABM and System Dynamics... in my models keeps my opportunities open. Easy interface with Java classes or libraries makes the full system customizable. I can easily publish the models to a web site or for individual deployment. And last but not least, I can work in teams by using typical source control SVN...

    David Lovece,
    Northeastern University
  • The software provides excellent modeling and animation capabilities. Very good performance to price ratio and enough license keys for students. It’s very suitable for educational purposes at university.

    Bojan Babic,
    University of Belgrade
  • AnyLogic is a powerful software for simulation and it has a very good graphical user interface. I use it for completing my masters thesis. I found that AnyLogic is a good software in analysis of spatial problems using GIS data. I have special thanks for the AnyLogic Company for software and their support to me.

    Kamal Akbari,
    Master Student in GIS
  • While we're still relatively new users of AnyLogic, the feature we've appreciated the most is the excellent customer service. The support has been great answering our technical questions regarding how to implement various features into our models, and most inquiries have been answered the following day.

    Emile Zankoul, Research Assistant ,
    American University of Beirut
  • The School of Mechanical Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, hereby acknowledges and commends the AnyLogic technical support team for their help with a Masters student project. The team went beyond what was expected by providing fast responses to technical questions, as well as providing training assistance to the student. The quality of both the software and technical support allowed an effective solution to be achieved.

    Ian Campbell, Lecturer: Operations Research,
    University of the Witwatersrand
  • AnyLogic allows the users to face ambitious challenges, solve important problems, and get the analytical data. A big advantage is the possibility to qualitatively present the results of the research to vividly illustrate the adequacy of the executed model.

    Nikolay Kuptsov,
    Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University
  • With AnyLogic, we can develop real time models to show our clients how their factories will react to different types of scenarios. We can also help them understand their problems and think of possible solutions. We can even try these solutions in the model! AnyLogic is user friendly. With little programming knowledge, you can create your own model and learn more by using the software.

    Marina Perez Gaido, Industrial Engineer,
    Continente Siete
  • It is very exciting to learn and see how the three different modeling method can be combined. This unique feature of AnyLogic allows researchers to forecast and interpret the real world problems and also connects laypeople with researchers as it is easy to understand visually.

    Daye Eom,
    Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
  • AnyLogic provides possibilities to develop multi-paradigm models in a common environment and enables to enrich the implementation by additional Java code. This makes the tool very flexible and appropriate for large hybrid modeling.

    Anatoli Djanatliev and Reinhard German,
    University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • AnyLogic is an incredibly handy tool for building and exploring spatial simulations. I like its ability to easily incorporate external java libraries into your models.

    Michael Widener,
    University of Cincinnati
  • AnyLogic is an extremely powerful tool! Thanks to this program I have been able to simulate a whole transportation network for my master’s thesis. This software is user friendly and the AnyLogic product support team is very reactive and efficient. Every time I have a problem, it is solved within 24 hours. I recommend this software to all logistics and transportation companies that wish to develop efficient and optimized distribution networks.

    Dimitri Cordenier, Master's Student ,
    National University of Singapore
  • AnyLogic is the only true multimethod simulation platform, which provides incredible flexibility when it comes to modeling different systems. Another benefit of AnyLogic is the possibility to export models and have them on your own pages. It is easier to present results from a project, if the reader can see the model in action. In case of advanced practitioners, AnyLogic can be used to create efficient decision support systems. AnyLogic allows the users to create good interfaces for the actual model users and allows the model to be connected to various databases. Finally, the AnyLogic support services are fast and efficient.

    Lauri Lättilä, Post-Doctoral Researcher ,
    Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • It is the most powerful multi-paradigm simulation tool I´ve ever seen. In spite of the fact I am not a software expert, I could develop high quality simulation models in the field of container terminals supply chain.

    Rebeca Caceres,
    International Maritime University of Panama
  • I've used AnyLogic and a number of other simulation tools as part of hospital services design over many years. I prefer AnyLogic for its flexibility and multimodal capabilities and wholeheartedly recommend it.

    Keith Stockman,
    Monash Health
  • I started with system dynamics simulation in 2009, using Vensim because it was a free tool, to test a little bit and share some ideas with my colleagues. When I attended AnyLogic Training in 2010 with Ilya Grigoryev, I learned about the ability to import my Vensim models into AnyLogic, which is quite cool and allowed me to test data rather begin building new models in a new modeling language. Then I found out and could see that AnyLogic is quite interesting because I could combine problematic restrictions which I couldn’t use, for example with Vensim.

    Fabian Walter, Chair of Management and Logistics,
    Technical University of Darmstadt
  • The functionality of AnyLogic is very wide. Though using it requires some training, it will pay off in savings.

    Alexander Sedov,
    Ulyanovsk Construction Materials Plant
  • This is a very practical modeling software, and it offers a huge variety of modeling methods. High speed of modeling and good user interface are among its advantages. Agent based modeling and pedestrian library, in particular, are very useful in the related fields. It is a wonderful modeling software.

    Gao Xiang,
    Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Our company is constructing a new elevated transport system, and we chose AnyLogic because we have so many variables, and we need a tool that can not only help us with operations, but to properly size the very complex system.

    Rolanzo Samorano,
  • AnyLogic is certainly the most powerful simulation tool I've worked with. During the last decade I've been in the logistics simulation market and during that time I've developed projects with at least a dozen of different modeling tools. Me and my team have always been struggling with some major shortcuts specially regarding the capacity of properly representing complex logistics processes taking into account their behavior essence and definitive attributes. Thus, for me, it is the capacity of creating, in a single model environment, multi-paradigms simulation projects that places AnyLogic as unique cutting edge simulation tools in world.

    Thiago Brito ,
    University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • AnyLogic is a very flexible tool. One of the most important advantages is the possibility of hybrid simulation modeling. With hybrid approach, you can solve problems unsolvable using one method solely. Animation possibilities are great. Animation is very useful for verification and validation of model, and also for communication with end-users. Plenty of learning materials and example models makes it easier learning AnyLogic. Excellent support service is also always here to help you very efficiently providing you with the information about tool insights as well as solving technical problems in model development. In the end, all effort for building advanced hybrid simulation models with AnyLogic is awarded with good working models.

    Stanko Grabljevec and Andrej Škraba,
    University of Maribor
  • AnyLogic is very useful for teaching System Dynamics. I like it because it is very simple to use and versatile.

    Iosif Andras,
    University of Petrosani
  • The biggest advantages of AnyLogic are the availability of different simulation methods in one platform and the ability to create multimethod simulations.

    Amr Kandil, Associate Professor,
    Purdue University, School of Civil Engineering
  • AnyLogic is a one-stop solution to create a variety of simulation models. As such, it promises to be a very valuable tool to aid design decision making. I would recommend it to architects and other design professionals to try 'what if' scenarios and discover counter-intuitive behavior and solutions.

    Ganapathy Mahalingam,
    North Dakota State University
  • The possibility of combining the three different modeling approaches (agent based, discrete event and system dynamics) provides a high degree of flexibility and covers a broad range of problems, which can be solved with AnyLogic.

    Waldemar Steinmetz,
  • AnyLogic is the only software platform that offers a multimethod approach to simulating complex systems. Modeling autonomous vehicles, agent-based modeling is typically the modeling standard that we use, but AnyLogic allows us to also embed discrete event and system dynamics.

    Paul Avery, Principal Engineer,
    Southwest Research Institute
  • AnyLogic is not only a multifunctional simulation modeling tool, but it is also a high-tech software developed on the basis of the current standards and principles of software engineering. It is an efficient decision-making tool which can cope with the challenges of management and market economy. Every release provides you with new sample models and case studies which show all the varieties of spheres where simulation modeling can be applied. AnyLogic has been used in State University of Management for about 8 years, in an MBA course of the Business School and upgrade courses of economic processes simulation.

    Natalia Lychkina,
    Moscow State University of Management
  • AnyLogic is an excellent tool to model almost any kind of real life situation. It has high detail level of tools that one can use to represent any kind of system and powerful experiments to analyze the findings. I have found AnyLogic most useful as a tool to understand a system and present it to management, and then give them the model to use. The export functionality together with 3D animation and powerful graphs makes it an excellent tool to analyze complex systems.

    Jaco-Ben Vosloo,
    Blue Stallion Technologies
  • AnyLogic is one of the key instruments for of transportation processes and systems research and decision making for supply chain management. We chose this software due it its flexibility, multitasking and possibility to carry out huge simulation researches.

    N. Mayorov, Associate Professor,
    St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
  • AnyLogic is an extremely flexible simulation tool. Ability to extend the built-in modeling language with virtually any Java code makes any model implementable with AnyLogic. I've made several commercial projects with complex and data-intense simulations and have not faced any limitations because of the tool I used. The only case when you should not use AnyLogic is when you should not use simulation at all. AnyLogic gives you the flexibility and, to certain extent, freedom of thinking, which is additional plus when you need to manage complexity.

    Andrey Malykhanov,
  • Very powerful software, it can support various simulation modeling methods (Discrete event, Agent Based, System Dynamics), and it has one of the best user interfaces available in the market. I also like such its advantages as animation, optimization, example models, and good support services.

    Farook Hamzeh,
    American University of Beirut
  • AnyLogic’s main advantage, in my opinion, is that it is compatible with Java. I like the fact that you can easily merge small codes in a model to add any desired functionality.

    Ketki Kulkarni,
    Indian Institute of Technology
  • AnyLogic was very useful software for me in studying and modeling economical processes in regional agriculture. It has all functionality that can satisfy the highest requirements from user. Especially helpful for my project was such functionality as usage of dimensions of arrays in SD models, replications of objects, export and import data from Excel files in experiments with variation of parameters, and import files from Vensim.

    Mikhail Bagrov,
    Tver agricultural academy
  • AnyLogic is an incredible software that allows you to use multimethod modelling. It's easy to build a model even if you’re a beginner, as you can read the comprehensive manual and see many examples attached. If you got stuck with some problem you can always contact the support team. I think this is the best thing about AnyLogic. Even if you don't know if your model is correct, they'll make it correct for you. Using AnyLogic is the best experience that I got from my research project.

    Aulia Ardy, Masters Student, Information System Department,
    Institute Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya Indonesia
  • During the last five years I've used most of the main simulation software of the market and it's always a huge problem when you face an issue that cannot be tackled with just a single simulation method, it's always a huge struggle to code such simulations. After testing AnyLogic I have no doubt that these kind of difficulties are in the past, the extremely intuitive interface makes modeling complex systems not only way faster than before, but also makes the process more fulfilling, since the work flow compels you to be open to new possibilities and to test new hypotheses that at any other application would be discouraging.

    Nicholas Veloso Lima,
    University of Sao Paulo
  • The software is very flexible and easy to use. I like the extensive Java connection and that you easily can create good looking models.

    Anders Bohman,
    Stockholm County
  • AnyLogic at first seemed difficult but when put to use, proved useful and versatile, allowing me to build not only realistic and flexible base scenarios, but model alternative scenarios, using not only one simulation paradigm.

    Héctor J. Mendoza B.,
    Universidad Marítima Internacional de Panamá
  • I use AnyLogic for its versatility, friendly user interface, and customizable objects using Java.

    Beth Tyrie, Intermediate Software Engineer,
    Fruit of the Loom, Inc

これらの会社は、AnyLogic を使用しています:


  • 自動生産ラインのプランニングおよび最適化
    ドイツCentrotherm Photovoltaics AG 社は、太陽光発電、半導体およびマイクロエレクトロニクス業界への、技術および設備を提供するグローバルサプライヤーです。同社は、コストを最小限に抑え、スループットと信頼性を最大限にするため、最良の自動化生産ラインおよび工場構成を確認する必要がありました。
  • 医薬品流通倉庫のモデル化
    数十億ドル規模売上を計上する、医薬品流通およびロジスティクス企業大手のカーディナル・ヘルス社(Cardinal Health)は、商標医薬品、ジェネリック医薬品、一般用医薬品(薬局で処方箋が無くても購入できる薬)、健康と美容アイテムおよび自社ブランド品を管理しています。彼らは、医薬品を取り巻く複雑な倉庫の流通問題に取り組みます。ブライアン・ヒース(カーディナル・ヘルス社上級解析ディレクター)とAnyLogicソフトウェアの経験ある担当者は、様々なビジネス問題を解決するためにエージェントベースのモデリングを使用し、年間300万ドル以上の経費を節減しました。
  • GE Manufacturing Plant Uses AnyLogic for Real Time Decision Support
    In 2012, GE opened a new battery manufacturing plant in conjunction with the launch of an innovative energy storage business. GE’s exciting opportunity brought on many new challenges, such as increasing production throughput and yield under evolving processes and uncertainties, and reducing manufacturing costs in order to gain market share. The GE Global Research Center sought out a powerful and flexible tool to analyze, not just the specific process, but the manufacturing system as a whole.
  • Oil Pipeline Network Development: Finding Bottlenecks and Choosing the Right Policies
    One of the largest oil and gas pipeline operators in North America was delivering oil to a client that was not always able to accept the incoming batches. The operator was challenged to quantify the system impacts of deferred downstream deliveries. They also needed to determine whether the existing tankage at upstream oil terminals would be adequate to store the deferred batches.
  • フランクフルト空港における乗客の移動シミュレーション
    Fraport AG社は、国際空港の運用会社として、空港産業における世界的な企業です。フランクフルト空港は、 世界的に重要なハブ空港として1日当たり140.000人を超える乗客と毎時80機以上の航空機が離発着します- フランクフルト空港はFraport AGの本拠地です。
  • 最適アルゴリズム 倉庫シミュレーション
    ロジスティクス・ソリューションのグローバルプロバイダー Kuehne+Nagel社は倉庫会社の倉庫新設プランに携わりました。倉庫は、13,000件のオーダー、又は1日当たり750箱のピッキング処理が予想されます。プロジェクトは、マルチオーダー・ピッキングの最適なアルゴリズム開発でした。倉庫での注文は、作業者が台車を利用して作業すると計画されました。作業者は台車で品物を取り、オーダーごとにそれらをカートンに入れます。
  • ハイブリッド・シミュレーションによる医療サポート-脳卒中専門救急車(Mobile Stroke Units)
    脳卒中で高度障害が起きたときの治療とリハビリの高コストの負担は老齢人口の増加でますます増えています。血栓症の多くは脳卒中を発症し、発症から4.5時間以内に血栓溶解の治療が必要になりますが、現在の搬送や病院管理では対応しきれていないのが現状です。そこで、脳卒中専門救急車(Mobile Stroke Units)が改善案として提案されました。
  • An Agent-Based Explanation for SPMI Living Situation Changes
    Over the past 60 years, the number of Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI) patients in the US living in the community increased. Yet a growing minority of people with severe illness are worse off because they are homeless or incarcerated. In this case study, IBM Global Research and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals used an agent-based approach to model these remarkable swings.
  • Analysis of Management Strategies for the Aircraft Production Ramp-up
    The Airbus Group joined the European Union ARUM (Adaptive Production Management) project, which is focused on creating an IT solution for risk reduction, decision-making, and planning during new product ramp-ups. The project is aimed mainly at aircraft and shipbuilding industries. Simulation was chosen as a part of the ARUM solution, because it would allow the participants to reproduce the real production facility experience.
  • Improving Mining Outbound Logistics with Agent-Based Simulation Modeling
    One of the largest resource companies in the world, with over $80 billion in sales, decided to enter a new market. It was planning to build a new potash mine with 90% of the resources exported. They wanted to design a reliable supply chain, with a high speed of supply replenishing, and the ability to recover from natural disasters and man-made crises benefiting from such volatility. Amalgama and Goldratt companies contracted this project to design the potash mining operations and a full supply chain of outbound logistics.